Monday, December 28, 2009

Veggies, veggies, veggies!

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, the reason being that I've been busy gardening. Okay, that's not the real reason, but look at my garden!!  Not bad for a rented property with a concrete backyard and patchy sunlight. 

On the right is my greens patch. That mass of green is edible... all of it! Spinach, rainbow chard, coriander and lettuce share the bed in a pick-n-grow manner. On the right hand corner is my little strawberry patch, grown in an old recycling crate. I have flowers so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for fruit. I've never had much luck with strawberries, but I'm not going to give up on trying.

There's something a little odd going on with my peppers (capsicum). The plants were somewhat tormented as youngsters -- planted as seedlings and then overcome by my enthusiastic tomato and potato plants. I transplanted them to a new bed where they recovered, however the fruit is more cylinder like that I remember them being when I last grew them. I'm sure they'll be edible, no matter what the shape. I'll wait and see.

My Thai Basil is going great guns. I use it rarely, but love it so.

This year I have an abundance of apricots. Many are so high up and overhanging the roof of the shed that I just can't reach them. It's such a shame. They are delicious and freeze so well once cooked up. If I can somehow work out a way to get to the rest of the fruit, I'll have enough to last all winter.

[Note to people on the FODMAP diet, be careful with apricots. They contain sorbital and may not be well tolerated. I don't go so great when they're raw, but can handle them cooked... in moderation.]
The tigerella tomatoes are going well. I've yet to taste them as they are still too small and green, but aren't they so pretty!?

The snow peas are still hanging on. Who knew they were still in there? I'll have to search harder. The tomatoes have taken over. I'm surprised anything can still grow through all that.
Garlic chives... mmm... This strong growing bunch of herbs died off through neglect a couple of years ago. I didn't throw the pot away, though I figured them to be long dead. After some heavy rainfall, they resprouted and I transplanted them and voila, healthy green herbs. They're resilient, I'll give them that.

I couldn't resist sharing a photo of a new bunch of tomatoes just being born. Okay, that's just corny, but c'mon... there's something magical about growing your own produce. I love every stage, from creating the beds to planting, tending, nursing, watering, fertilising and finally picking. Oh, and let's not forget eating! The best part!! 

And lettuce. Home grown lettuce is never boring, ever! I can't bear to buy that shop bought stuff anymore. I swear I can taste the chemicals on the leaves. Urgh!

Okay, that's it for this check in of the garden. Oh, except to add that this is my next project. Em, when you get here, I'll need your help. :-)