Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buckwheat porridge

Finally I worked up the courage to give buckwheat groats a go. They are a strange, oddly shaped grain that, while delicious as pasta and the flour is great in recipes, I was leery of their unprocessed form. At $3.50 a kg, I figured it was worth a try.

If I can't have oats -- and I'm not sure that I can, at least for a while -- then could buckwheat be a substitute? Google thought so and we all know that Google knows best.

I tried this recipe: Buckwheat Porridge - recipe by DukeLupus.

Thirty minutes later I had a pot of porridge, and a yearning to give it a try.

I love my oats with yoghurt, fruit and nuts. I had all those things on hand and so put a small serving of the buckwheat porridge into a bowl and heaped on the rest.

It's not bad. I bet I can fiddle and make it tastier... maybe add some spices or try different ways of cooking it. I love the texture. Very similar to the steel cut oats that I fell in love with in the States. And it sits nicely in my tummy. As for the claimed health benefits... astounding, really. It'll all but cure cancer, apparently. It rather puts the old oat to shame.

And guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning.... ;-)


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  2. Yum, look how balanced that is! You have fruit and protein and grains and dairy... so beautiful! Looks absolutely cuisine!