Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cottage cheese on rice cakes

This simple, tasty breakfast dish packs a protein punch and boasts delicious taste.

I'm fortunate enough to have fresh garden herbs on hand, but if you don't then mix and match with what you have (experimentation is the key).

I sometimes add finely diced cucumber as well, but forgot about it this morning.

3 thick rice cakes
1 cup cottage cheese
a mix of fresh garden herbs (mix these up according to taste, for this meal I used garlic chives, chives, thai basil and coriander)
cumin (1/2 tspn, freshly ground)
fresh tomato, finely chopped (I have several varieties of cherry tomato growing so I use six of those)
salt and pepper to taste

pick herbs, chop finely and add to cottage cheese, cumin and salt. Scoop spoonfuls onto the rice cakes. Top with finely chopped fresh tomato and pepper to taste. Enjoy.  (serves 1)

1 comment:

  1. Looks gorgeous! Bet this is a nice fresh way to start the day. Protein keeps you full and gives you energy, and the rice cakes would provide lasting nourishment. Hard to believe there's so few ingredients!