Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden update

I wandered around the garden on Saturday, admiring and plucking ingredients for dinner. Here are some photos.

Em, remember when we planted these as seeds....
Kohl Rabi. I have no idea what to do with these crazy vegetables but will figure it out quick. One will be ready for harvesting in another week or two.
Radish. I ate this on Saturday night with dinner. Yum!
Ladybird that I rescued from drowning. Now go eat aphids...
Beans. These suckers will grow anywhere.
Not much has changed here since Em left. I've still not decided what to plant. Maybe this weekend I'll make some decisions and get some seeds in.
Chester doing his 'king of the castle' routine.
Anyone for celery!?
Only a month or so ago, this was pared back to bare earth. It's amazing how quickly things grow.
That's it for this tour. I've missed out on a few things but will do another round of the garden when some of the newer plants start producing. I'm hanging out for home grown brussel sprouts and broad beans!!  Amazing!! I can't wait!

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  1. OMG--lookat the new garden!!! The peas!! The Beans! The kohl rabi! I'm so impressed!! You're a wonderful gardener. I am going to need SO much help once my seeds germinate!! And I love the picture of Chester--too cute! And the statue pic is so pretty and serene. Your yard is amazing!! Next year, we tackle the FRONT yard...