Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leafy greens

The FODMAP diet suggests that some vegetables are less well tolerated than others. Of the 'safe' veggies are several of my favourite green leafies and that are relatively expensive to buy fresh. I figured I'd reestablish my veggie garden and grow them myself. Here's the result.

I built the patch out of old bricks and discarded materials. It helps to have a brother who is a builder (and a hoarder).  The soil came from around the garden and some old bags of potting mix that I'd bought and never used. I used dried and partially decomposing shrub cuttings for the bottom layer because I built the bed straight onto concrete. Near the bottom is a layer of chicken poo (thanks Crackles) and I'll use lawn clippings for mulch when I have them available.  The bed construction and soil cost nothing. The veggies cost $30 and I've put two buckets inside to catch water from the shower and the sink to use for watering them because we're on water restrictions here.

And here's the veggies:
- celery
- spinach
- rainbow chard (silverbeet)
- basil
- chives (the only member of the onion family that is okay to eat)
- snow peas and
- mixed lettuce

I've netted them with old green mesh that I found laying around. This is to keep the birds out, but in particular the big orange (chicken) bird named Crackles who has free roam of my backyard. One go with her chicken-claws and the seedlings would be all over the yard.

Now we just need some sunshine and all will be well.  :-)

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