Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Breakfast with Buckwheat Pancakes

What better way to start a Sunday than with a big home-made breakfast?! It's just me to cater for today, but that didn't stop me dragging out the recipe book, opening up the cupboards and defrosting a large bacon rasher to go with the spread I had planned.

First up, the buckwheat pancakes. Simple to make, delicious to eat. I reduced the quantities by about a third, which meant my measuring was inaccurate but I've found that the recipe accepts some flexibility.

When the mixture was ready, I tried my hand at hashbrowns. I worked from the online recipe but the result did not end up like the picture, and now my frying pan is a mess. *lol*  I need me a potato ricer!

On top of the cooked pancakes, I added the hashbrowns (poor sad things they were), some wilted spinach, fried tomato and red pepper, fried bacon and a poached egg. Then I spent quite some time photographing it for this blog, by which time it was cold... but still so very delicious!

Evidently I still need some practice at food photograhy, but I hope you can at least taste the juicy tomatoes and imagine the heavenly buckwheat pancake texture. Mmm...

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  1. Wow, what a great start to the day. And so healthy! Looks great to me, I'd eat it in a heartbeat.