Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grilled pork with rice noodles

This is loosely based on Luke Nguyen's Char Grilled Pork Neck with Vermicelli Noodles. My version differs from the recipe due to my having to adapt because I couldn't find all the ingredients. Despite that though it still tasted amazing!

I used pork schnitzel instead of pork neck, and less onion than the recipe called for due to my need to limit the amount of onion in my diet.

I marinated the pork for two hours, no longer because I was impatient and hungry, and instead of char grilling I used a grill plate instead.

Instead of vermicelli noodles, I used thin rice noodles which was more like thin spaghetti. I prefer those instead of the hairlike vermicelli. I couldn't find all the herbs that Luke's recipe called for, so instead I sliced Thai Basil, bean sprouts, lebanese cucumber and finely sliced spring onions. To that I added Nuoc Nam Cham Cha Gio (I hope I've got that right), a Vietnamese dipping sauce for Spring Rolls. I hoped it might fill in for the missing herbs and maybe replicate the marinated veggies. Also, on the program, Luke had added marinated vegetables which I see he omitted from the recipe.

It plated up beautifully. I dripped more of the dipping sauce over the top to add to the taste. And boy, what a great taste! So fresh and vibrant, and as Luke often says, so well balanced with the mix of sweet from the sugars, sourness of the vinegar, tang of the herbs and fish sauce and mildness of the rice and bean shoots.

Such a great recipe and so easy to make. Thanks to Luke Nguyen and SBS for the inspiration!

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  1. Oh my! this looks so good - I just found you from another blog - Naturally Sweet, I think - and I also have fructose malabsorption issues. What a breath of fresh air to have found your blog :)

    I'll be following you - it's so nice to find another person who is dealing with this and talking about it!