Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Black Forest Cake

This sucker is indecently good! So good it's nasty! :-)

Yet another recipe from the internet. Makes me wonder why I buy recipe books. Oh, because they're so gosh-darn pretty, that's why. *lol*

Here's the recipe: Black Forest Cake.

I fiddled things a little because I didn't have all the ingredients. I used butter instead of Nuttelex, and more rice flour instead of the Farex baby cereal. I didn't use Kirsch and I used black cherries instead of sour.

The cake rose well, but not enough to make three layers. I cut it in half and admired the beautiful rich chocolate texture. I've always imagined gluten free baking to be a cross between a rock and a soggy sandwich, but this looked like a cake, an ordinary, average, yummy chocolate cake. Maybe more like a mud cake in texture, but still, yummy!

On went the fillings and toppings and Tanya, my sister in law, did a wonderful job of shaving on the chocolate. I had no clue. I was trying to use a grater rather than a peeler. Thanks Tan!

This is how it came out:

You can take my word for it, it tasted pretty damn fine! Even better the next day. Oh, and I put strawberry jam on the inside faces of the cake before putting on the cherries. I'd seen that somewhere else and figured, what the heck, no kirsch, let's go for strawberry jam. :-)

It was a great birthday cake! And it didn't make me sick. Well... let's not talk about the effect the sugar had. *whistles and walks away*

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  1. *drools* This is seriously a picture of your cake?? This looks better than most restaraunt-made cakes!! Incredible!
    And I love the idea of adding jam. I love fruit and chocolate.